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Art and decoration are linked from the very principles of both practices, art as a form of expression is developed in the search to correct a fault, to complete an empty space under which the artist proposes his vision, the decoration takes sides of these creations and uses them in the search for a space focused on the appreciation of them.

As in music, decoration is the guideline that pauses between musical notes, giving us as a result an incredibly beautiful space and a high artistic capacity, among the great variety of ways in which art expresses itself, painting is one of which the decoration has made the most of, represented in emblematic historical sites since the beginning of the human civilization known as such.

That is why we will highlight the presence of the plastic arts in the spaces and what their development can be focused on modern and avant-garde trends, which do not try to replace the great plastic works of humanity but to deliver an accessible and possible decorative form from The economic limitations that acquire a first level work requires

The decoration in sequence is a remarkable form of plastic decoration that is incorporated into the youthful and avant-garde spaces, its development is based on several works arranged in a space which tell a story or complement each other, seeking interaction between those who observe them and the they have.


Arte y decoracion German Molina Art

Modern Wall Decor Ideas - Germán Molina Art